Apply for the 2018-2019 MPI WESTFIELD Board of Directors   

Board Positions

The MPI WestField Nominations Committee is currently accepting applications for the following Board of Director positions. 

All terms are one year, unless otherwise indicated below.

Current Board members wishing to be considered for a role next year must complete an application for the upcoming term

  • President Elect - 3-year term (President Elect/President/Immediate Past President)
  • Vice President, Finance - 1 year term 
  • Vice President, Education - 1 year term 
  • Vice President, Marketing & Communications - 1 year term 
  • Vice President, Membership - 1 year term
  • Director, Leadership Development - 1 year term 
  • Director, Business Development - 1 year term 
  • Director, Special Events & Fundraising - 1 year term
  • Director, Recruitment – 1 year term
  • Director, Member Care/Retention – 1 year term
  • Director, Professional Development – 1 year term
  • Director, Program Logistics – 1 year term 
  • Director, Marketing - 1 year term
  • Complete role descriptions for each position can be found by clicking below.  


INQUIRIES WELCOME                             

You are encouraged to reach out to the current Board of Directors to discuss the roles and responsibilities for your position(s) of interest.



MPI WestField Board of Directors Candidacy Qualifications:                                         

  •        Be a member in good standing
  •         Be willing to fulfill the obligations of office, in the capacity indicated
  •         Have a history of involvement, accomplishment, and dependable service to MPI
  •         Be willing to contribute time, energy, and creativity to the chapter with the consent of your employer

Serving on the board is not only challenging, but extremely rewarding.  Consider becoming a leader in a dynamic chapter of the largest organization of meeting professionals.  This is your chance to contribute to the growth and professionalism of MPI WestField.


Basic Duties and Expectations:

Before committing to a board position, please review the following responsibilities of all board members:

Attendance at 75% of scheduled board meetings (in person or via phone)
Regular attendance at chapter meetings/events
Submission of written board report each month
Contribute information/articles for the newsletter as requested
Attend the Board Orientation/Transition Meeting on March 20, 2018 (location TBA) 
Attend the Annual Board Planning Retreat on May 6-8, 2018 (location TBA – no cost to attend)
Attend the Mid-Year Board Planning Retreat – Date to be determined in January 2018 (no cost to attend)


If you are willing to make a serious commitment to our membership, then we encourage you to complete the 2018-2019 MPI WestField Board of Directors Application.

The deadline to submit your completed application is 5:00 PM EST on Friday, January 5, 2018.